What's in the Name "UNITY"?

     What’s in the name “UNITY”?

Unity:  The overall term for the Unity organization (see logo).

Unity Village:  Unity headquarters near Kansas City, MO  1400 acres of wildlife, fountains, rose bushes, etc.
         It has it’s own zip code (located in Lee Summit, MO)
         Old tower now has become Holistic Healing Center.

Unity Institute:  The Unity School of Christianity at Unity Village for Ministers, Licensed Unity Teachers,
          & Personal Spiritual  Enrichment.

Silent Unity:  24 hour prayer line - “The light that shines for you!”

Unity Worldwide Ministries: UWM  Formerly called Association of Unity Churches (AUC)    
           Umbrella of all ministries in the field around the world

Spirit Path Retreats:  Retreat department at Unity Village

Unity Southwest Region:  Regional group in Arizona

YOU & Uni-teens:  Youth groups of Unity

Unity in the Valley:  Green Valley/Sahuarita Center