A positive path for spiritual living



Amber Norgaard grew up on an Iowa farm and had a calling to be of service to the world. After graduating Creighton University School of Nursing, she set off to do volunteer work as a community health nurse in the Dominican Republic and Oregon.

Eventually, she settled for six years in southwestern Alaska, working as a nurse with a tribal health corporation 400 miles off the road system. During this time of being immersed within the indigenous population, Amber discovered that music was a source of connection for people - transcending language and cultural barriers, relaying messages, evoking emotions and potentially facilitating healing on a profound level.

In 2004, Amber left Alaska to pursue her dream of using music as a healing art to foster compassion, spirituality and promote positive social change.  Since then, the nurse-turned-musician  and has released five full-length albums, toured nationally, opened for Judy Collins, Kenny Loggins, and Michael McDonald, received accolades for her songwriting, and written songs for multiple non-profit organizations and film projects.  She speaks to colleges and organizations on the topic of "Music as a Healing Art & Instrument for Social Change.

TUCSON LIFESTYLE magazine comments "solo, or with her band, she has proved to be a singer/songwriter to be reckoned with...the petite powerhouse is one part poet, one part social crusader."  Indeed, she has an ability to connect with people of all ages and backgrounds.  Her compassionate life experience and knack for healing arts shine through in her music.