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Mortgage February 2021 Update

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Wed, 05/20/2020 - 1:55pm -- UnityChurch


Operational Income and Expenses - As of August 31st, the balance in our checking account was about $11,000. The balance in our savings account is about $41,000.

In order to meet our 2021 budget, our accountant has shown we require approximately $2,400 per week. Sunday contributions in August averaged $1,800. Currently, we are operating with a deficit of about $3,300. If you are able, please consider adding the price of a weekly cup of coffee to your contribution going forward. Together, we can bridge the gap!

Mortgage - The next payment of $10,000 is slated for January 2022. The total balance due is $55,000.The amount in our mortgage savings account is just under $3,000 as of September 21st, so we have a good start. If you wish to make a donation specifically for the mortgage, please write "mortgage" on the note line of your check for the full or partial amount of the check.

Thank you to all who give so generously of financial resources as well as time, talents, and prayers in order to further the work of our spiritual vision and mission. We are the hands and feet of God in expression, and where there is generosity, there is joy!

Linda Lygre