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Important Announcement about Sunday Service

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*** Important announcement about building Air Conditioning ***

Someone turned all 4 thermostats down to 74 degrees and it was left that way for over a week.  The building was unoccupied and this cost the church substantially in peak electricity usage costs for no benefit to anyone.  Please leave the thermostats alone.

The Unity Board of Trustees has announcements to share with our membership today.

News coming very soon...

June 9, 2020 Update:

 Due to the surge in numbers of COVID-19 patients in Arizona, all Unity in the Valley Sunday services are cancelled until July 5th, or later. Updates will be posted on this website.


March 19, 2020 Announcement --

First, starting today - Thursday March 19, 2020 - Unity in the Valley church will be closed until further notice. This includes Sunday services, book studies, and social gatherings that might be planned. This is to meet the latest guidelines from Unity Worldwide Ministry, federal and local agencies, and to encourage social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic. Meanwhile, the Board with Rev. Donna joining virtually, is meeting to explore options on how we might conduct worship services in an alternate fashion. At the end of the announcements, Rev. Donna has blessed us with her thoughts during this challenging time.


Second, at our Executive Board meeting, we welcomed our two new members Joan Jennings and Marjory Ayala and immediately put them to work. Officers were elected for our year 2020 administrative duties: Kate Reikofski is now President, Marjory Ayala VP, Joan Jennings Secretary, and Linda Lygre will continue as Treasurer.


Now, as promised, are Rev. Donna’s thoughts on these challenging times.

“Over the course of many years, with many prayers and much service, you all have built and sustained this community. For a while, we may not be able to gather together in familiar ways, yet we are still a community of hearts and minds called to be in service to one another through divine love. It is vitally important that financial support of our church continues while this global appearance passes. Please prayerfully envision a healthy world for all and consistently support the work of this ministry so that we, as a community, remain healthy. Soon we will be able to not only pick up where we left off with regular meetings, but also to leap forward equipped to do even greater things. You make a difference, and your ongoing contributions matter! Please mail your checks to the church or set up an electronic funds transfer during this interim. Thank you so much! I’m eagerly looking forward to being with you soon.”

Reverend Donna LaRue Johnson, Minister Unity in the Valley.